Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jom Jenjalan Dengan Jejariruncing

assalamualaikum smua ;) this is my 2nd time join segment macam ni :)
this time by Elia Jejariruncing
so, saya bahagikan content enrty ni kepada 2 parts... which are, my wish to Miss Elia, and another part is... my story bout my blog.


Dear Miss Elia, 
first of all, thanks bcoz you're willing to visit my blog, and read my entry. Elia, you are so brave and patient... i was one who read and know your story even only at the surface sorryyyy... awak sangat tabah... that's only i can say. :)

seconddd part,

Dear all,
bila orang bertanya kenapa saya ber-blog, actually i can say nothing, coz sometimes, me myself dont know why...
but, i like to share :)
since i still new in blogging, kalau boleh, saya nak ada slot saya sendiri, which is " Jom Jadi Creative"
then kawan-kawan blog dapat view my D.I.Y Stuff and boleh buat sendiri kat rumah :)
for now, blog saya ni cerita bagaimana saya prepare wedding stuff by myself... prepare DIY stuff macam gifts, baju nikah and so on... n share bout my wedding preparation including this special video... hope everything okay.

back to you Elia...
the 3 questions i would like to ask you...
1st - bagaimana awak boleh menjadi begitu tabah menghadapi setiap dugaan sampai sekarang?

2nd - Elia suka tak my blog n my job? :)
3rd- Elia sudi tak datang my wedding reception...? ada dua, 1 kat Tanah Merah kelantan, 1 kat Cheras KL...

wawai : for the 3rd question,
if you say YES, i am the happiest person wait for you on my big day.
that is all :)))
thanks Elia,
thanks all~ 

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