Sunday, January 1, 2012

Special Video

finally, 1st January 2012,
sy siapkan video ni sepenuhnya.. banyak yang tergendala...stuck tengah jalan...
tapi alhamdullilah, inilah hasilnya..walaupun tak seberapa... 
i choose You Got Me song coz,
at the 1st time dengar, it was so sweet...cute (cinta dengan pertama)
and there is a vedio by someone i dont know, who give me an idea for this,
same...using this song, and make some cartoon photo then combined it like what i've done.
she do it first laa~

untuk yang nak tengok sedang loading video ni and internet slow...sorry guys.
maybe berat sangat even sy dah compressed...

saya start buat video ni on 5 October 2011,
and almost fully siap on 1st January 2012
setahun tuuuuuuuu! =P

actually video ni hasil untuk almost 600pcs photo,
cmpur-campur yang tak menjadi...

so...ape lagi...

enjoy it...

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enjoy it! :)

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I dedicate this video,
special for my love one, my fiance...
Muhammad Dhamiri b. Darmawi
he will be my only-one-husband 
on most historical date, 10th
on this meaningful month, February...
and the only one fabulous grand year for us, 2012

every scene has their own story...
and the most favorite part is..
on second 1:28 until 1:42
this scene is everything...  people and friend who know about amir and yus,
they knew about us...
the scene is about, 
1st - Myvi Pink.which is our car... we move here and there using this cute magenta car...
and InsyaAllah, we will send our kids to school also using this car.
This is our big-shared-property tau ;)
selain benda2 kecek lain laaa~
2nd - The kite(s).
why ada 's' in bracket? actually we have many...
one tersangkut kat pokok..
rosak... heheee
actually it is not about kites only, also about Tasek Kepong...yg cantik itu :)
we spent times together with thousands other family, play kite at padang Tasik Kepong,
the place where we knew a kid named Aisya...really comel :)
we speak to budak-budak tamil, yang cuba kait balik layang-layang kami...
we are so enjoy spent times together doing this things.
and i still remember, we brought  our hamster, named Miyi & Yuja here, and let them walk by their own.
so happy :))
3rd - I Love UIA tshirt.
it's also stand for DawaiDesign, where we share this small business together...
gain profit, happy, argue, gado siket2 sebab bisnes...then continue..bla bla...
but now, since I left UIA 2010, we decide to slow down Dawai.
but, previous convocation fiesta UIA 2011,
kami jual tshirt ni sama2...
tumpang our friend's booth, Aizat!
really fun even tired....
but, it was a wonderful quality time spent together
besides fun and experience also la~

aaaaaaaaaannddd the 2nd scene that i love it so much is..
the tree's part also menarik
and menguji-uji kesabaranku :)
cantik tak..heee~

then, that is all.
everyone, we wait for 10 & 11 February 2012...
and you? :) hehehee

bye all. thanks reading and watching ;)
sorry salah spelling or grammar n so on.
actually, easy to express in english than using malay.
it's a fact!
ya Allah,
sungguhku sayang hubungan ini,
peliharalah ia sehingga ke hujung nyawa ku,
berkatilah hubungan ini dengan akad yang sah,
limpahi rezeki ke atas hubungan ini,
kerana ia adalah kerana Mu

wawai : so, sape suka video ni, jangan lupa tekan like kat bawah ni & follow blog ni tau.. hihik -wink- 

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